• Corporate Profile and history

Corporate Profile and History

Ueda Yagi Tanshi was established in July 2001 through the merger of Ueda Tanshi and Yagi Tanshi. Ueda Tanshi was founded in Osaka in June 1918 by Kaname Ueda as its business owner as a call transaction specialist known as the anonymous partnership Ueda Shoten. Meanwhile, Hisao Yagi established Yagi Tanshi in Osaka in October 1935 as Bill Broker Yagi Shoten.

Tanshi companies were originally established primarily to intermediate among financial institutions supporting the lending and the borrowing of call money. We intermediate “call transactions” in the money market, which were used by financial institutions to rebalance their fund shortages and surpluses. With the liberalization of interest rates and the removal of various regulations, tanshi companies currently intermediate and provide services for a broad range of products in the money market, including transactions for bond repos, equity repos, and commercial papers (CP). Furthermore, we endeavor to provide and develop a wide range of related services as registered financial institutions under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

Ueda Yagi Tanshi’s founder Kaname Ueda left behind the quote, “interest rates embody the truth,” meaning that interest rates are a mirror reflecting the economic and social conditions of the day. As a specialist in interest rates, Ueda Yagi Tanshi will continue striving to fulfill its social mission to promote and maintain connectivity with the money markets by accurately addressing the needs of its clients regardless of the interest rate environment.

Corporate Profile

Founded June 20, 1918
Company name Ueda Yagi Tanshi Co., Ltd.
Registered Financial Institution Kinki Local Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments Firm) No. 243
Main offices ・Tokyo Head Office

2-3, Nihonbashi-Muromachi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022

Tel: +81(3)-3270-1711 (Reception)

・Osaka Head Office

4-2 Koraibashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0043

Tel: +81(6)-6202-5551 (Reception)

Group CEO
(Representative Director)
Shohei Ueda
Paid-in Capital 5 billion yen (as of the end of February 2024)
Number of employees 139 (as of the end of February 2024)
Main lines of business
  • Call money lending/borrowing and brokering services
  • Bill trading and its brokering services
  • Negotiable certificates of deposit trading and its brokering services
  • Commercial paper trading and its brokering services
  • JGB trading and lending/borrowing (including repo), and its brokering services
  • Stock securities lending/borrowing and its brokering services
Clients Bank of Japan, city banks, trust banks, regional banks, foreign banks in Japan, Shinkin Central Bank, shinkin banks, Shoko Chukin Bank, Shinkumi Federation Bank, The Rokinren Bank, Norinchukin Bank, National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives, life insurance companies, nonlife insurance companies, investment trust management companies, investment advisory companies, securities companies, securities finance companies, government organizations, business corporations, and others

Organization Chart


Board of Directors and Corporate Auditors

President (Representative Director)Shohei Ueda

Senior Managing Director
(Representative Director)
Yoshihide Ichikawa

Senior Managing DirectorMakoto Yamada

Managing DirectorKota Endo

Full-time AuditorJunji Okada

Corporate AuditorsShinpei Ueda

Corporate AuditorsTakashi Sakata

Corporate History


● The anonymous partnership Ueda Shoten established in Osaka with Kaname Ueda as business owner.


● Designated as a specified bill broker.


● Forex operations began.


● Ueda Shoten Tokyo Branch opened.


● The anonymous partnership reorganized as Ueda Shoten Co., Ltd.


● Designated as a bill broker by the Ministry of Finance.


● Company became Ueda Tanshi Co., Ltd.


● Applied for money lending business license.


● Restarted foreign exchange brokering operations.


● Designated as a tanshi company under the direct control of the Ministry of Finance.


● Upgraded the Tokyo Branch to Tokyo Head Office.


● Began primary and secondary market operations for CDs.


● Began trading Financial Bills.


● Established Ueda Harlow Ltd.


● Began primary and secondary market operations for domestic CPs.


● Began T-bill trading.


● Opened Shanghai representative office.


● Began bond repo transactions.


● Began equity repo transactions.


● Ueda Tanshi Co., Ltd. and Yagi Tanshi Co., Ltd. merged to form UEDA YAGI TANSHI Co., Ltd.


● Paid-in capital increased to 5 billion yen.


● Established Ueda Yagi Securities Co., Ltd.


● Backup Center became fully functional (direct connectivity with BoJ Net started)


● Commemorative lecture held in honor of the Company’s 90th anniversary.


● New core enterprise system started.


● Commemorative lecture held in honor of the Company’s 95th anniversary.


● Alliance formed with the Tradition Group for derivatives intermediary services.


● Began services of the electronic repo trading platform (UYRS).


● 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Company.
● Established Ueda Yagi Money Broking (China) Co., Ltd.